Cameron Attends Breakthrough Prize Award Ceremony

I’ve added photos of Cameron attending the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony in Mountain View back on November 9th. Cameron looks stunning. I will playing catchup with appearances all day long. Let us know what you think!

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Affiliates Updated

I’ve spend the last four hours cleaning out all the inactive links and sites that haven’t been updated in months. The affiliates section is looking pretty bare. I haven’t even looked at the elite section and I’m kind of nervous to clean that out. Cameron Online is now searching for active affiliates. If you think you have what it takes then please go here. I will be checking the affiliates at least once a week or twice a week depending on when I can remember. Please be patient and if you haven’t heard from us then please kindly send in another application. I hope to make this the best Cameron Diaz resource ever!

New Owner + Cameron attending The Academy Hollywood Costume Luncheon

Hello everyone! My name is Joshua and I’ll be running the site from now on. I’m not quite sure why the previous owner left me to a lot to do. The affiliates have been somewhat updated and the gallery is all clean out from spam. I’ll be adding a few more missing events while the site was left alone. I’ve added HQ photos from the latest event that the previous owner had added to the gallery. I will soon be working on getting us a facebook page and a twitter to link the site to it. That will all be made within the next couple of days.

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‘Sex Tape’ Photo Call in Paris!

Cameron attended the photo call for her latest film Sex Tape held at the Hotel Bristol on Thursday morning (September 4) in Paris, France. Raise your hand if you love her zebra-print jacket! I do, haha! Take a look at the pictures :]

thumb_325345~0 thumb_6325436 thumb_23452346 thumb_23454625 thumb_64325346 thumb_32534662354

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‘Sex Tape’ Photo Call in Berlin!

Our beautiful Cameron got together with her co-star Jason Segel at the photo call for their latest film Sex Tape held at the China Club on Friday (September 5) in Berlin, Germany. Don’t forget to swing by the gallery to check out the pictures!

thumb_3453425~1 thumb_3543525 thumb_62345346 thumb_352435346 thumb_435234643 thumb_643245345

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