Cameron on EW’s Movie Must List

Cameron Diaz is featured on Entertainment Weekly‘s Movie Must List for this summer. Her ‘must’ can be read below! Other actors featured on the list are Megan Fox, Amy Adams, Sam Worthington, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

Must career change-up

AGE 36

WHY HER With her new film My Sister’s Keeper (out June 26), Diaz shows us a side of herself that we weren’t sure she ever had, playing the aching mother of a terminally ill daughter in the big-screen adaptation of Jodi Picoult’s best-selling weepie novel.
ON HER MUST LIST Michael Pollan’s 2006 book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which takes a close look at where our food really comes from.

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More Parade outtakes

I have added lots of additional pictures to the photoshoot Cameron Diaz did for Parade magazine, earlier this year. Most of them are unretouched, and Cami still looks gorgeous! Be sure to check them out by clicking on the previews below. Enjoy!

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Alert: Cameron on talk shows next week

With the premiere of My Sister’s Keeper next Friday, Cameron will be appearing on several talk shows next week to promote the movie. Be sure to check back to, as we’ll have full coverage from the interviews. See when/where she can be seen below.

June 22: Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
June 24: Good Morning America
June 24: Live with Regis and Kelly
June 25: Daily Show With Jon Stewart
June 26: Early Show
June 26: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Edit: Updated with more appearances!

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Cameron to receive a star on Walk of Fame on Monday

As mentioned before, Cameron will receive a star on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. A date has been set, and it’s this coming Monday(!), with director Nick Cassavetes as the guest speaker. Be sure to check back to for full coverage from this event! Also, read the full press release from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce below/after the cut.

Cameron Diaz stars in this summer’s drama “My Sister’s Keeper,” from director Nick Cassavetes. The film will be released nationwide by Warner Bros. on June 26, followed by another Warner Bros. suspense/drama “The Box,” coming out this fall.

Diaz has been honored for her work in a wide range films. A four-time Golden Globe nominee, Diaz earned her first nod in 1999 for her performance in the smash hit comedy “There’s Something About Mary.” She was also named the Best Actress of the Year by the New York Film Critics Circle, and won an MTV Movie Award. The following year, she was Golden Globe-nominated for her role in “Being John Malkovich,” for which she also received nominations for a BAFTA Award and an individual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award®, as well as a second SAG Award® nomination shared with the cast. Diaz garnered her third Golden Globe nomination, as well as SAG Award® and American Film Institute Award nominations, for her performance in “Vanilla Sky.” She earned her fourth Golden Globe nod for her role in Martin Scorsese’s epic drama “Gangs of New York.”


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Cameron cooked for My Sister’s Keeper co-stars

Here’s a fun article about how Cameron cooked for My Sister’s Keeper co-stars Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva. Doesn’t Cami seem to be so much fun to be around?

Cameron Diaz showed off her culinary skills on the set of new movie My Sister’s Keeper by cooking up daily treats for her young co-stars. Sofia Vassilieva and Abigail Breslin played her daughters in the harrowing new film and Diaz felt the need to play set mum to them in her trailer, which she turned into a dining spot.

Breslin explains, “Cameron would cook in her trailer a lot for us. She made excellent chili cheese fries with guacamole.” And Diaz wasn’t about to make sure the girls ate healthy food: “Each one of them got to pick what they wanted to eat for lunch.”

But the treats weren’t all fun for Vassilieva, who plays a cancer sufferer in the film. Diaz says, “Sofia was on a special diet for the whole movie and her discipline was amazing. I kept trying to make her eat things she wasn’t supposed to.”

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Candid Cameron Diaz interview

The Independent has published a very interesting new interview where Cameron Diaz talks about My Sister’s Keeper, children, marriage and more. Check it out below!

Pressed into promotional duties for her latest film, My Sister’s Keeper – in which she plays a wife and mother of three kids, including a terminally ill child – Cameron Diaz can see the inevitable questions a mile off.

As yet unwed, and childless, the 36-year-old actress smiles, turns those bright cornflower-blue eyes up to full wattage, and prepares for battle. “I think it’s only normal for people to ask my views on motherhood, especially of someone my age, because it seems like the obvious thing, like ‘Why haven’t you done it yet?’ But it doesn’t bother me. It’s not the cross I bear. I simply have no idea at this stage in my life. Besides, I’m still young,” she says.

“I have one nephew and four nieces, I’ve seen three births, two vaginal, one C-section… I’ve been there for the dirty diapers, I’ve done the bottles… I know what it takes to do it. I think that I have a good sense of what it takes to be a mother and, although I’m not mother, I feel that it’s the closest I can get.

“I also understand about loving very deeply and knowing that I would do anything just to save somebody that I love. No, I’m not the mother of a sick child but I can imagine those feelings.


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Cameron on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK!

Great news, y’all! Cameron Diaz is featured on yet another cover, this time for Cosmopolitan UK! She looks great (if a bit too photoshopped) and very Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle-esque as she poses for the cover (seen to the right). has some interesting tidbits from the interview to share. Continue reading for those. And don’t forget to keep checking back to for scans from the magazine!

“I never say never. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” the single star, 36, tells Cosmopolitan’s U.K. edition. “I could end up adopting half a dozen kids, or I could end up being the next ‘octomum’ – who fricking knows!”

But she says society expects women to procreate. “I think women are afraid to say that they don’t want children because they’re going to get shunned,” she tells the magazine in its July issue. “But I think that’s changing too now. I have more girlfriends who don’t have kids than those that do. And honestly? We don’t need any more kids. We have plenty of people on this planet.”


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