The Box trailer – Screencaptures

As promised, I have added hi-res screencaptures from the trailer for The Box – in theaters Ocotber 30 this year. I’m so excited to see this movie, much thanks to the awesome trailer, posted yesterday. I’m totally feeling the ’70s vibe of the movie. Check out the screencaptures!

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My Sister’s Keeper New York Premiere

Yesterday, Cameron Diaz and the rest of the cast of My Sister’s Keeper attended the world premiere of the movie in New York City. Cami looked ravishing in a white dress, as she posed happily for photographers at the red carpet. Check out over 130 photos from the premiere and after party, by clicking on the previews below, as usual.

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Cameron’s motherhood role is a big-screen Keeper

usatoday2009_001Here’s a new, very interesting, interview with Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vassilieva and Abigail Breslin, courtesy of USA Today. They talk about My Sister’s Keeper, Cameron playing a mother and more. Read it below. Enjoy!

Cameron Diaz is having a mommy moment.

The notoriously private actress finds herself the first to arrive for a joint interview to promote her new film, My Sister’s Keeper. And co-star Sofia Vassilieva is nowhere to be found.

After 20 minutes, Diaz stops the interview to call Vassilieva.

“Honey, I’m just checking on you,” Diaz says, straining for patience. “I was worried about you. Are you almost here?”

She has no immediate plans on being a mother, but Diaz is getting the knack of playing one.


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The Box trailer is here!

Yes – it’s finally here! The trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/thriller The Box, starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella, has just been released onto the web. And it looks awesome! And I mean really awesome! Check it out for yourself below. Screencaptures are coming shortly!

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Good Morning America – Video

I have added the video of Cameron Diaz being interviewed at Good Morning Amerca earlier today. Check it out in the video archive or after the cut! Stay tuned for screencaptures, as well as coverage from the rest of today’s happenings!


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Wednesday Media Alerts

Today will be a long day for Cameron Diaz, as she’s scheduled to appear on three different TV shows, as well as the New York premiere of My Sister’s Keeper! Check out the “Cameron Calendar” section in the sidebar to follow what she’s doing, and be sure to stay tuned to for coverage!

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Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien – Video & Photos

Cameron Diaz appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last night, to talk about the upcoming drama My Sister’s Keeper. She looked fantastic in a short, black dress, as she chatted with the new host of the Tonight Show. A video clip of the interview (and a few more bits from the show) has been added to the video archive, thanks to member SceptreX42. Check it out in the archive, or after the cut! Screencaptures from the show are coming shortly.

Update: I have added ten stills from the show. Click on the previews below to see them all in hi-res!


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