Co-stars announced for “Vegas”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Corddry and Lake Bell are in final negotiations to star opposite Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in the Tom Vaughn-helmed comedy What Happens in Vegas… for 20th Century Fox.

Written by Dana Fox, the story is set in motion following a night of debauchery in Vegas when two strangers (Diaz, Kutcher) discover they have gotten married and one of them wins a huge jackpot with the other’s quarter. In trying to determine the rightful beneficiary of the winnings, the duo embarks on a series of plots to undermine the other, falling in love along the way.

Corddry is set to play Hater, an attorney and the best friend of Kutcher’s character who richly deserves his nickname. In fact, he’s a world-class misanthrope with an acerbic edge. Bell will play the best friend of Diaz’s character.

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Cosmopolitan UK Scans + Site announcement

I promised you scans from the August issue of Cosmopolitan UK, and here they are! Thanks to the fabulous Angie of our beloved sister site Drew Fan, I can provide you with the scans featuring a brand new interview and gorgeous new photos of Cameron. Check the scans out by clicking on the previews or link at the bottom of this post.

I’ve also come to share the news that I got my original Cameron-domain back, so you can now view this site through as well! I’ve also changed the name of the site (and updated the main graphic) to “Cameron Fan”, all to fit the new address. A big thanks to the amazing Fan Sites Network for making this happen.

Gallery Link
Scans: August – Cosmopolitan UK

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SNL photos + Featured site announcement

I have added almost 500 photos from Cameron’s appearance as the host of Saturday Night Live on September 4, 2005, to the gallery. Click on the previews or link below to see all the photos. I’m also to tell you that we’ve recieved our first recognition! Thanks to the lovely crew over at Heather Graham Online for naming us their “Featured Site”! Also, stay tuned for scans from Cosmopolitan UK!

Gallery Link
Saturday Night Live – September 4, 2005

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New affiliates + the new script

I have added lots of new affiliates to the site, as well as added a new script – affiliationally. This will make it easier for both me and the applying fansites. If you’re interested in becoming affiliates, just visit this page and fill in the form. Thank you.

As some of you may have noticed, we have two new sister sites as well – Drew Barrymore Online and Drew Fan. Be sure to visit them both.

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Events of 2007, photos

About 340 new photos have been added to the gallery, all from events Cameron attended earlier this year. Some albums are completely new to the gallery, whilst other just have been updated with more photos. Among the latter, the “Live Earth” album has been updated with several photos both from the stage as well as backstage-pictures. Be sure to check them all out by clicking on the previews or links below!

Gallery Links
“Live Earth” concert in New York
“Shrek the Third” Press Conference
“The Holiday” Tokyo Press Conference
Les Exclusifs de Chanel dinner
Set 016

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On the cover of Cosmopolitan UK!

Cover of the August 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan UKWhat a way to start off the month! Not only do Cameron have several new interesting projects in front her, she’s also on the cover of the August issue of Cosmopolitan UK with a brand new photoshoot and interview! She looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover, which you can see to the right. The interview is titled “The new man making her laugh again”, very intriguing. ;) You can expect exclusive scans from the magazine in the coming week, so be sure to check back.

Cameron was also featured on the cover of Glamour Mexico in July with the same photoshoot (though different photos were used). Expect scans from that magazine soon as well!

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Cameron to star in “My Sister’s Keeper”

Wow! Cameron has a busy schedule in front of her, with several new roles. Yesterday it was announced by that she will star in My Sister’s Keeper. Here’s what the article said. Personally I can’t wait to see Cameron in all these new movies!

Cameron Diaz will star in “My Sister’s Keeper”, a Nick Cassavetes-directed adaptation of the Jodi Picoult novel for New Line Cinema. Shooting will begin early next year.

The drama was scripted by Jeremy Leven and will be produced by Mark Johnson, both of whom made “The Notebook” with Cassavetes for New Line.

Diaz had been circling the film for weeks, but negotiations have heated up and a deal should be completed shortly.

Thesp will play a former defense attorney who returns to the courtroom to defend herself and her husband when they are sued by their 13-year-old daughter for emancipation. The girl was conceived as a genetic match with the hope she could prolong her cancer-ridden sister’s life.

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