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I did not know about this, but apparently Cameron won the Ultimate Lady of Film prize for her career success at the Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. The event was held in London on November 6, and Cameron didn’t attend since she’s still busy with the filming of “What Happens in Vegas…”. Congratulations for the well-deserved award, Cameron!

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I have added DVD captures of Cameron’s special appearance in the 1998-movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. In her very short scene, Cameron acts opposite Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. A poster from the movie has been added to the gallery as well.

Gallery Link
Posters & Artwork
DVD Captures

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I’ve finally been able to get my hands on 14 HQs from a public appearance Cameron made last month. She attended a party for interior designer Robin Bell on October 18 accompanied by “What Happens in Vegas…” co-star Lake Bell (who’s also Robin Bell’s daughter). Cameron was quoted as saying that the two of them just took a break from filming, and they had to leave the party early to do some more work for the movie. Since these are exclusives, please credit this site if you use them. Thank you.

Gallery Link
Party For Interior Designer Robin Bell

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Entertainment Weekly has unveiled their list of the Ultimate Female Hotties: The ’90s To 2007, and obviously, our Cami was one of them. Other celebrities on the list were Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Charlize Theron. Here’s what they had to say about Cameron:

Ultimate Hottie Moment Doing the ”booty” dance in her bedroom, and then answering the doorbell (it’s the mailman, of course!) in her skivvies in 2000’s “Charlie’s Angels”.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “X-Men” franchise’s James Marsden is set to star alongside Cameron Diaz in “The Box”.

In the film he’ll play Arthur Lewis, the husband to Cameron Diaz’s character. Together, their depiction of an unhappy couple is thrown for a spin when they receive a box and are told that by pushing a button on the object they’ll receive a large spot of money, however, someone will die as a result.

A couple of months ago, it was rumored that actor Seann William Scott was starring in the movie, but it looks like that was – just a rumor.

“The Box”, which will be directed by Richard Kelly, is based on the Richard Mathenson story “Button, Button,” which was adapted in the ’80s for television’s “The Twilight Zone.”

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Quick update: DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced that the fourth installment of the “Shrek”-saga is called “Shrek Goes Fourth”. It is scheduled to hit theaters on May 21, 2010.

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According to, it seems like the Weinsteins have bought the North American distribution rights of Richard Kelly‘s new horror-thriller “The Box”. The film is still in pre-production, but should be going in front of cameras shortly with a hefty $30 million budget.

The film is based on Richard Matheson‘s short story “Button, Button” and starring Cameron Diaz, Frank Langella and Sean William Scott. With Kelly‘s curse of difficult distribution (Donnie Darko’s calamitous 2001 theatrical release and the forthcoming (Nov 14) year-and-a-half-late Southland Tales) who knows what will happen with the Brothers W. in charge of the release; hey, in an instance of reverse karma, things could actually go quite smoothly. Admittedly things I’ve been hearing about “The Box” indicate that it will be the director’s most mainstream effort to date (although NASA is somehow involved in the production, so don’t count those normal chicks before they’ve hatched.) Distribution outside of the US was bought by Icon for UK, Australia and New Zealand and Eureka for South Korea.

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