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Cameron on the cover of W in November 2007Cameron Diaz will appear on one of the nine special celebrity-covers to collect from the November issue of W Magazine. If you get your hands on the Cameron-cover, don’t hesitate to scan it for the site. Thank you. :) Here’s a small part of the article (which you can read in W’s November issue) from

Employing the subversive sense of humor that has made him one of today’s most in-demand art stars, Richard Prince had his way with a stack of paparazzi photos, creating nine unique covers for this month’s issue. “It’s sort of like making art with a cocktail umbrella,” he says wryly. This is not the first time Prince, who is the subject of a retrospective now on view at the Guggenheim Museum, has used appropriated images in his art. Some of his most iconic works are called “rephotographs” of mass-media imagery, such as cowboys from cigarette ads, as well as “signed” publicity shots of movie stars. “I called Katie Holmes and she said something like, ‘I was blinded by science,’ so that’s what I inscribed on her photograph,” Prince says of one of the images in his W portfolio, before admitting, “I just sort of made that up.”

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Nickelodeon will be premiering the one hour long “Dora the Explorer” movie “Dora Saves the Mermaids” on November 5, 2007 at 7 PM Eastern. The movie stars Dora in an all new adventure at the beach. During beach cleanup day Dora and her friends hear the story of the fall of the mermaid kingdom from a singing clam and set out to save the kingdom using the magic crown they found washed ashore during the cleanup. The film will have a prominent environmentalist message about keeping the oceans clean and protected from garbage dumping.

In conjunction with the film the Nick Jr website,, has released a new Dora game based on the movie as of October 17, 2007. There will be a PSA featuring Dora, Cameron Diaz, and real kids about cleaning up the ocean, as well as a sneak preview on the movie available to mobile phone users and users of the Nick Jr video streaming service starting on October 29, 2007.

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Here’s an update on the romance (mostly created by the tabloids) between Cameron and actor Bradley Cooper. He claims, once and for all, that they’re just very good friends.

Bradley Cooper admits he’s pretty chummy with Cameron Diaz, who has been on the actor’s arm around New York the past month.

“I think she’s great,” Cooper told People Magazine at Saturday’s “Nip/Tuck” season 5 premiere in Hollywood. “We’re good friends.”

Cooper, 32, and Diaz, 35, were photographed on the sidelines of Sept. 30’s Giants-Eagles NFL game alongside Ashton Kutcher (Diaz’s “What Happens in Vegas…” costar) and Demi Moore (Cameron’s “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” costar). The two also looked cozy during a recent stroll through Central Park and during a “Saturday Night Live” afterparty.

Cooper, who split with wife of four months Jennifer Esposito in May, appears next in 2008’s “He’s Just Not That into You”, opposite Jennifer Aniston and (Cameron’s BFF) Drew Barrymore.

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Here’s a picture-treat for all you Cami-fans! I have added 1,452 photos from all the events Cameron attended in the year of 2003. These include the huge promo-tour for “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” as well as the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. In the beginning of the year Cameron was seen with Jared Leto, and towards the end she started dating Justin Timberlake (whom she awarded for “best burp” at the Nickelodeon Awards in April, 2003).

The gallery now houses over 25,000 photos, and is – by far – the largest Cami-gallery on the web! Click on the previews or link below to view all the 27 new albums! Enjoy.

Gallery Link
Click here to view all the additions to the gallery

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I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, but since Cameron’s still filming “What Happens in Vegas…” (in New York City), there’s not much to update with. I have updated the gallery with photos from the movie-set, though, and Cameron looks great. On October 16, she was seen on the set, sporting two different outfits and rocking them both. Click on the preview to the right or link below to see all 10 HQs.

Gallery Link
On the Set > October 16, 2007

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78 photos from the set of “What Happens in Vegas…” have been added to the gallery. They were taken on October 2, and it seems like they shot some additional scenes for an already filmed one. There seems to be a lot of fun, physical humor in it, and I can’t wait to see Cameron in a new movie.

Gallery Link
On the Set > October 2, 2007

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I’ve added 20 HQs from the filming of “What Happens in Vegas…”, taken yesterday. Cameron looks fantastic shooting a scene on the beach opposite Ashton Kutcher. Can’t wait to see the finished movie! Click on the previews or links below to view all the photos.

Gallery Link
On the Set > October 1, 2007