Angels Forums opened!

I have a great surprise for all you Cameron Diaz (& Drew Barrymore) fans! Me, Angelic & Angie have opened a new forum dedicated to the two fabulous actresses! Be sure to head over to the forum right away to discuss the women, the movies and/or to play games. It’s free to register and only takes a couple of seconds. See you there!

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New look at the gallery

I have updated the photo gallery with a brand new look, featuring the some of the pictures used in Marie Claire (UK) last year. Thanks to the very talented Angelic of our sister site Drew Barrymore Online for the inspiration. Be sure to visit the gallery to see the new look, and don’t forget to comment before you leave. :)

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Glamour Mexico July issue scans

Here’s a treat for all the visitors who speaks the Spanish language! Today I scanned the July issue of Glamour Mexico, featuring the same photoshoot currently used in Cosmopolitan (UK), but with different photos. If you have something to contribute, don’t hesitate to do it. All from scans and other photos to fan-art and information – everything is appreciated! Click on the previews or link below to see all the 6 scans. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Scans from Glamour (Mexico) – July

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“My Best Friend’s Wedding” DVD captures

I have added 930 DVD captures from the 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding and its extras. In this movie, which brought more attention to our blonde actress, we can see Cameron as Kimberly Wallace, the fiancé of Michael (Dermot Mulroney), and Julianne’s (Julia Roberts) “enemy”. Simply click on the preview or links below to see all the new captures! Also, the gallery now houses well over 19,000 pictures, and many, many more will be added soon.

Gallery Links
DVD Captures
DVD Extras – On the Set
DVD Extras – Unveiled
DVD Extras – My Best Friend’s Wedding Album
DVD Extras – Filmographies

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“The Box” that could change Cameron’s career

Here’s a short interview (from with the director of The Box, Richard Kelly, about his plans for the movie and Cameron’s performance. It’s an interesting read and I can’t wait to see Cameron in a horror movie!

You’re given a box, inside of which is a small button. Every time you press the button you get a package with a varying amount of cash — untraceable and large enough to change your life. You’ll never have to work again. Owning this box is like being able to win the lottery anytime you want.

Do you press the button?

What if every time you pressed the button, someone died? It’s not someone you know, or someone you would have ever met. Chances are, you might reason, this person had it coming. Maybe they deserved to die. Maybe you’re not the one who did it, but you’ll never know. All you know is that someone, somewhere is now dead. Do you still press the button?

More pertinently, asks director Richard Kelly — would Cameron Diaz?

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Something wrong with the contact-form? Fixed!

Since the move from to, there has been something wrong with the contact & affiliates-form and I haven’t recieved any of your messages. If you’ve tried to contact me or applied for affiliates, please do so again, but this time send your messages to Thank you.

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“What Happens in Vegas…” first day on set photos!

On August 15, Cameron was seen walking around the set of the upcoming comedy What Happens in Vegas, in New York City. This was apparently the first day of shooting the movie for her! I’m really excited for this project, and Cameron looks absolutely fantastic showing of her (award-winning) legs. According to Moviefone, “Vegas” will be released June 27 next year. Click on the previews below to see all the 23 30 photos from the first day on set. Stay tuned to Cameron Fan for more possible photos from the rest of the filming!

Gallery Links
On Set > August 15, 2007

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