Full interview with Cameron Diaz by Naomi Campbell

Posted on March 5th, 2013

As previously mentioned, Cameron Diaz is gracing the cover of Interview Russia’s March issue with a feature story by Naomi Campbell. The article has been released in full, giving us a great inside look on Cami’s life. It’s a fantastic read for any fan of her, so be sure to check it out in our press library right away!

When you think of the Hollywood greats, you think of Marilyn Monroe, Jean Simmons, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn. But there are modern greats too, and no one epitomises modern day Hollywood more than Cameron Diaz. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and calling Cameron a friend for many years now. We got to know each other during a holiday in Hawaii and really hit it off. She’s a real girls girl, we always have a great time. But when all is said and done, Cameron defines what it is to be a modern day movie star. I caught up with Cameron on a recent trip to Miami to get a rare insight into the world of Hollywood’s leading lady…

CAMPBELL: Which artist, actress, actor would you say is a close friend? You’re a very loyal friend.

DIAZ: I have great friends.

CAMPBELL: You have great friends. The three that I know are Leo, Gwyneth and Drew.

DIAZ: Yes, those are good friends, and you. My girlfriend Lake Bell. Kate…

CAMPBELL: Kate Hudson, right?

DIAZ: Aha. I’m very fortunate. You know Jude (Law) and I are also close friends still.

CAMPBELL: But it makes sense, because you understand each other’s lives. When you’re doing a movie for three, four, five months … there’s no love lost. There is no unspoken word. They get it. They know it.

DIAZ: You share something with each other. It’s just such a great thing to be able to understand.

Read the complete interview here!

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Stills from 2010-2012 talk show appearances

Posted on March 4th, 2013

To conclude the talk show photo updates I have added another batch of hundreds of pictures – and some screen captures – from the appearances Cameron’s made in the last three years (not counting this year). These include The Graham Norton Show (more coverage will be added soon to the gallery), Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. With all the photos added today we have over 74,000 pictures of the beautiful Cameron Diaz in our photo gallery. Not too shabby, right?

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Stills from 2001-2009 talk show appearances

Posted on March 4th, 2013

In continuation of the previous post, I have added hundreds of stills from talk show appearances Cameron Diaz made in the years 2001-2009. These include appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres Show and Today Show. I have also added screen captures of Cami and Toni Collette promoting In Her Shoes on the German talk show Wetten Dass…? thanks to my great friend Frederik at ToniCollette.org. The last part of talk show stills will be coming in a few!

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Stills from 1990’s talk show appearances

Posted on March 4th, 2013

While browsing the gallery to see what I have yet to add, I found that tons of stills from Cameron’s talk show appearances were missing. I have had these on my hard-drive for some time, but completely forgot to add. As a start, I have added pictures from the appearances Cami made in the 1990’s. Since the pictures are wide, the thumbnails aren’t really showing anything so you just have to click on them to see the photos in full size. Please credit Cameron-Diaz.org if posted elsewhere. Thanks!

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‘The Holiday’ photo gallery update

Posted on March 3rd, 2013

I have started the updating of the filmography pages (well-needed, if I may say so), with movies ranging from the upcoming The Counselor and Agent: Century 21 back to What Happens in Vegas and The Holiday. The latter also received a big gallery update, with some new production stills and HD movie screen captures from the Blu-ray edition added to replace the previous DVD captures. The new ones are almost four times bigger in size and in superb quality. Be sure to check them out by clicking on the previews below, as per usual!

Our video archive has been updated to match our current design, more clips will be added soon too. Stay tuned!

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Cameron Diaz on the cover of Interview (Russia)

Posted on March 2nd, 2013

Cameron Diaz is featured on the cover of the Russian edition of Interview magazine’s March issue. She’s sporting a different look in the photoshoot, inspired by eighties pop stars, and talks about Gambit in the interview. I have added the scans from the two different covers and the editorial (the article-pages haven’t found their way online yet) to our photo gallery. What do you think of Cami’s new look?

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Welcome to Version 15 of Cameron Diaz Online!

Posted on March 1st, 2013

After a few months without that many updates, Cameron Diaz Online is back – and with a brand-new layout to boot! The new look is very simple, really, as I wanted to focus more on her career, what’s happening now and making it as easy as possible for you to navigate. I have also updated the press library to feature more articles (we’re working on getting more!) and will continue updating the filmography and other pages that aren’t up-to-date. Please share your thoughts on the new layout in the comments. Thank you!

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